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Self-Managed Super Fund

Setting up a Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF) allows you to choose where you invest your super money, giving you control and flexibility over your super. Engaging a professional SMSF advisor means that you will be rest assured that your fund is properly set up, comply with ATO regulations and is managed by award-winning SMSF specialists.

Setting up your own SMSF?

Are you considering an SMSF? More than a million Australians have chosen to take control over their super and invest their money into self-managed super funds. This allows them to choose how to invest their money and have a more transparent understanding of how their investments are performing. With a personal SMSF investment strategy, you can reach your financial retirement goals.

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Self Managed Super Fund

SMSF could offer significant benefits for you. Here are the main advantages of managing your own superannuation fund.

  • Ability to invest directly in property

  • SMSFs are the most tax-effective entity

  • Greater control of investments within your superannuation

  • More control and flexibility within your super

  • Potential higher net returns

  • Ability to draw-down a tax-free pension once you reach retirement age

  • Ability to increase your super balance through contribution strategies

SMSF Investment Strategy Aligned With Your Retirement Goals

Supported by expert advice from your SMSF Advisor, you can elect to invest in:


Things to Consider

The decision to set up an SMSF is one that requires careful consideration: as you make investment decisions for your fund, you are held responsible for complying with superannuation and taxation laws. Wilson Pateras can support you to ensure any SMSF investment decisions you make support your overall investment strategy whilst avoiding unnecessary risk.

SMSF Rules and Regulations

Our comprehensive financial team will have Administrators to help you manage the ATO reporting requirements, keeping you on the right side of SMSF rules and regulations. As owners (technically ‘Trustees’) of the fund, you always have the final say on your investments.


It’s your choice as to whether you wish to have a high level of involvement in the operation of your SMSF and if you have the time to keep track of the daily transactions and compliance obligations, or alternatively, have us handle it for you.

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