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Tax Income Reports

Tax Planning

Looking to save money with tax planning? GBS’ tax advisors can assist you to minimise your tax. Providing you with advice that is tailored to your individual or business goals and requirements, your tax advisor will develop a plan that puts you in the best possible financial position.

Minimise the Tax You Pay

There are a number of ways businesses and individuals can legally reduce the amount of tax they pay, whilst still complying with ATO requirements. GBS’ expert tax advisors will:

  • Develop a plan to minimise your tax

  • Identify potential areas of tax savings

  • Proactively communicate and provide you with financial advice

  • Work with you to better achieve your short and long-term goals

  • Keep you up-to-date with any taxation changes and developments


Tax Planning Season

Tax planning usually takes place from April to June – and it’s a time when your accountant will spend time poring over the last nine months of your financial affairs and strategises the management of your tax obligations. Accountants will ideally get together with you and discuss the year that’s been.  If your income has increased or decreased in the last financial year, your tax bill will be affected. GBS’ Tax Advisors will also incorporate any budgetary changes into tax planning for you and/or your business, maximising your wealth.

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