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Mission Statement

At GBS Accountants & Advisors, we thrive on the knowledge that our clients can depend on the highest level of specialist advice.


Our mission is to provide first-class support to our clients through our range of accounting, taxation, auditing and financial services.


We are not just an accounting firm who is here to ‘keep the score’, but we are here to assist our clients to grow their business, profits and personal wealth.  We will also assist to protect our client's assets and watch their business grow by providing support throughout every stage of growth.


GST Accountants are dedicated to and will constantly strive for excellence, whether completing a tax return in a timely manner with the utmost confidence and integrity, to maximising your business and/or personal wealth, to researching thoroughly to give the best advice on the most complicated tax and business matters.


GBS Accountants & Advisors are dedicated to, and will constantly strive for excellence – whether:


  • Completing a tax return in a timely manner with the utmost confidence and integrity

  • We seek to maximise your business and/or personal wealth

  • We are constantly researching the global community to ensure we are providing a proactive approach to your business requirements.

Our Vision

To become your trusted business advisor, work closely with businesses and individuals, and to create an enjoyable work environment that attracts talented professionals.

Our Values

GBS Accountants & Advisors believes in the following core values:


Personal Integrity and professional ethics
Relationships – ensure these are developed and constantly enhanced
Opportunities developed and created for our clients and employees
Accountability to our clients and peers
Create a culture that values the spirit of fun and achievement
Taking care of our people
Innovative thinking to add value
Value-adding by providing personalised solutions
Excellent customer service

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