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GBS Accountants

Local people, local knowledge and accounting expertise!  At GBS Accountants & Advisors we have a consistent, continual training and professional development program that ensures our staff are kept up to date with all the latest legislative and regulatory changes.  This ensures we can provide you with the most appropriate solutions customised and appropriate to your business.  Working across a range of industries, we can assist in structuring your affairs to enable best practice.  In technical terms, we can assist you with your financial statements, BAS, GST, payroll tax, budgeting, cash flow analysis, fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax, management accounts, ASIC compliance, financial analysis....and much more!

The strong technical skills of our staff (Certified Practising Accountants, Self Managed Super Fund Auditors and Registered Tax Agents) are important.  But in reality having an accountant that is reliable, responsive and understands your needs, is what is most important.  We take the time to build real relationships.  This ensures we can deliver our quality accountancy and business advisory services with efficiency and accuracy, which ultimately leads towards saving time to concentrate on the management of your business.










the team


Partnering with our clients, our people and our community on a journey of success by growing together and thinking and acting differently.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Trust + Continuous Improvement, Innovative + Learning mindset, Curious + Working together, Accountable, Care + Have Fun!! Our values inform our behaviours and are at the heart of everything that we do.

Respect ++ 

All people are treated fairly and as equals regardless of their background, skills or role.

Integrity ++

We communicate in an open and authentic way and maintain the highest professional standards.


Trust ++

We rely on each other to do the right thing and always deliver on our promises.


Continuous improvement ++

We have a passion for consistently striving for high performance and excellence in all that we do.


Innovative ++

We look in different places for solutions and ask different questions to be innovative and to lead the way in all that we do.


Learning mindset ++

We seek out opportunities to learn, to understand and to do things differently and to build our knowledge for ourselves

and our clients.


Curious ++

We approach our work and our relationships with a curious and questioning mind and are always open to different possibilities.


Working together ++

We work together to bring out the best in each other and strive towards shared goals. We support one another and our communication is open and transparent.


Accountable ++

We take ownership of our roles and are fully engaged to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, LBW and the community.


Care ++

We care and support each other, our clients and the community. We take a genuine interest in others and spend the time to connect in meaningful ways.


Have fun ++

We enjoy where we work, who we work with and what we do and take the time to have a few laughs!

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